The idea of embarking on an education trip encourages many. However it is high time that you realize the importance of these visits and take them as an opportunity to learn about your dream career. Industrial visit offer a great source to gain practical knowledge. Student can observe and learn as to how theoretical concepts are put into action, they are aiding their practical learning. Students are exposed to real working environmental and shown how things are done in an organization from the details about the management to the targets they achieve everything is covered in visits. Students got a practical experience about industry to create environment for practical exposure for it industry by organizing industrial visit.

     From Dept. of CSE III- Year (2015-19) students visited INFOSYS campus

     From Dept. of CSE III- Year (2016-20) students visited COCA COLA Plant

     From Dept. of ECE IV- Year (2015-19) students visited CDAC campus

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