We encourage the students to actively participate in technical and non-technical events. Clubs are conducted twice a week apart from regular academic activities. By these clubs we make sure that the hidden talent of the students is discovered and nurtured.

The Arts and Drama Club is started to give a platform in the college campus for the art enthusiasts to spend on activities other than core curriculum. The club welcomes everyone irrespective of the level of expertise in a particular art. Students develop intangible qualities like social skills, confidence and teamwork in a fun and non stress environment.


  To inculcate the clear and crisp communication ability in the students.

  To develop confidence and self assurance while performing in a team.

  To teach appreciation for literature and various techniques related to art and drama.

In the dynamically evolving world, the need for systematic thinking, conversion of algorithms into code has become an essential skill set for any engineering graduate irrespective of their major. Coding club functions with the sole objective of enabling college students with programming skills demanded by the real world. The skill of coding is instilled in the students right from the first year all through their engineering course through various activities like coding challenges, reverse engineering existing code, debugging competitions, algorithm and model design challenge.


  To be a catalyst in building coding culture in the student community.

  To provide a platform for like-minded coders to learn & share in a collaborative environment.

  To enhance one’s outlook and think beyond textbooks and theoretical knowledge.

  To involve students in internal and external coding challenges, hackathons to develop their skill set.

Clean and Green Club is started with the motive of building appreciation towards nature among students. In a technological institute where the dominant education is in the area of emerging technology, clean and green club provides an opportunity to the students to do something which is non technology. Primary goal of the club is to be a catalyst in building unquantifiable skills like empathy, love towards nature, gratuity in students.


  To restore a sustainable ecosystem.

  To promote interest in learning about flora and fauna surrounding us.

  To inculcate a culture among the students to be grateful and empathetic towards nature in whatever they do in their life.

Inception of any business lies in the idea that starts in the founder’s mind. Identifying quality ideas, validating and driving them towards becoming a successful venture is a journey in itself. The club is initiated with a core philosophy of emphasizing the importance of the concept of an ‘idea’. Students are given freedom to come up with ideas and validate them. The validated ideas are then taken to the entrepreneurship cell to nurture them further. /p>


  To enable students to think innovatively while keeping business potential in mind.

  To build an idea repository that funnels further to the entrepreneurship development cell.

  To develop customised tools for idea validation and fine tune them.

  To be an integral part of events like Idea Fest, Tinker Labs etc. in the campus.

The Literature Club is one of the many clubs initiated by Sumathi Reddy Institute of Technology for Women(SRITW). It aims at fostering a culture of book reading and literature in students. It is a platform for promoting literary activities in college. It plays a major role in creating unquantifiable qualities like deep awareness about several issues of local and global importance, sensitivity to react constructively to disparity and injustice in current society, and inculcating values such as empathy and cooperation. At the individual level, the students acquire skills for their development, such as effective communication, leadership skills and interpersonal communication skills.


  To develop analytical and creative thinking skills. It offers opportunities to hone the students' literary skills and build confidence to communicate effectively.

  To be a unique platform for students who love literature and want to share their knowledge with others. Literary lovers can also showcase their talents and identify one's strengths.

  To provide a common space for teachers and students to interact and develop essential life skills like communication and group discussions.

  To be an effective catalyst in all round development of the students.

The Media Club is the sojourn to students who exhibit interest in photography and filming. It provides an opportunity to enhance and express their skills, pursue media as their hobby while studying engineering. Various activities like training sessions on video editing, short film making, photography, field trips and competitions are conducted by the club to motivate and support students with media projects.


  To provide students a common place where like minded people would meet and share their knowledge in media projects.

  To hone the skills of students through activities in the club.

  To engage students with real world media projects thereby giving them exposure and awareness of the latest advancements in the area.

A Q-Bate club is to provide students a platform for improving their communication ability. Different activities are designed to help students develop critical thinking.


  To conduct debate competitions on a specific theme for the students.

  To enable students to structure an argument using a premise and support it with justification.

  To create a platform similar to toastmasters and make students participate in external competitions.

The club is a platform for sports enthusiasts among the students. It gives them the opportunity to share their knowledge and evolve in their sport. In the current world, with more emphasis on curriculum and exams, this club is a positive diversion from routine education.


  To provide access to knowledge and mentorship on sports.

  To conduct activities to inculcate interest for physical activities in otherwise sedentary lifestyles.

The club is a platform for students to gain required technical skill sets and bridge the gap between existing skills to employer expected skills. It is closely associated with the Training & Placement cell and also the Coding Club.


  To provide latest updates on technical requirements of jobs in specific domains.

  To bring alumni who secured jobs in campus placements and interact with current batches to instill confidence in them.

  To give technical challenges to students to hone their skill set.

  To develop a spirit of collaboration, leadership, teamwork, time management in the students.

The club was started with the motive of making ancient knowledge of yoga accessible to the students. Knowledge and awareness of self care and self development are developed in the enthusiasts.


  To organize activities that spread awareness of yoga.

  To leverage the power of yoga and enable both physical and emotional level of tranquility for healthy life.

  To create an everlasting foundation of health discipline in the students.

This club strives to impart the knowledge of service and qualities of gratuity in students. Helping the needy with education, basic amenities and awareness are the activities of this club. Students take part actively in various programs organised by this club.


  To inculcate the culture of service to underprivileged among the students.

  To develop qualities of sharing and caring for others in society.

  To create good hearted human beings who add value to the society they live.

 It was bothering incident to all of us that our beloved student Ms. Pavani, IV EEE got seriously injured in a road mishap. As her family was very poor, it couldn't bare the medical expenses. On behalf of Humanity club of the college, funds were collected from various means. Our college also supported her whole heartedly and wished for her quick recovery. Finally, we thank God and all the people who joined hands to save her life. We are happy to say that she has a better health now.

 Our institute is constantly encouraging financially weaker section apart from meritorious students. The ‘SagowraOrganisation’ is giving the helping hands to assist financially the poor and deserving students.


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