• Strategic Plan for 2023-2028

    Vision Statement

    To empower women in the field of Science & Technology and transform them as Innovators, Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

    Mission Statement:

    To create and nurture a unique learning environment for faculty and students by providing state of the art infrastructure.

    Foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit among students and faculty.

    To promote industry interaction, avenue of research and employment opportunities

    Goal 1: Attaining NAAC & Autonomous Status

    Year 1:

    Form an NAAC & Autonomous Status Steering Committee to oversee the process. Conduct a thorough assessment of the existing curriculum and regulations.

    Establish communication channels with relevant government authorities.

    Year 2:

    Develop a comprehensive proposal for autonomous status with required curricular changes.Seek the necessary approvals from government bodies.

    Begin the implementation of revised curricula as per the proposed model.

    Year 3-5:

    Continue implementing the revised curriculum and assessment practices.Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the autonomous status.

    Continuously adapt and refine the curriculum as needed to enhance the quality of education.

    Goal 2: Achieving Highest Placements with High Pay Packages

    Year 1:

    Analyse placement data from the past five years to identify trends. Strengthen the college's Centre for Student Services and Placements (CSSP).

    Foster partnerships with industry associations and alumni networks

    Year 2:

    Industry aligned training programs are organized along with the curriculum to meet industryneeds.

    Launch skill development and certification programs. Conduct regular industry interaction sessions and workshops.

    Year 3-5:

    Facilitate internships and hands-on projects with industry partners. Promote entrepreneurship and start-up culture on campus.

    Goal 3: Enhancing Research Publications

    Year 1:

    Identify focus areas for research excellence.

    Encourage faculty to participate in national and international conferences.

    Year 2:

    Develop a research grants program to incentivize faculty research. Foster collaborations with external research institutions.

    Year 3-5:

    Encourage faculty to submit high-impact research papers to reputable journals. Organize regular research symposia and seminars.

    Track and analyse research publication metrics to improve quality.

    Goal 4: Building Partnerships with Multinational Companies

    Year 1:

    Identify potential multinational partners in the engineering industry. Develop a roadmap for partnership building.

    Year 2:

    Initiate dialogues with identified companies and explore collaboration opportunities. Establish industry advisory boards to provide strategic guidance.

    Year 3-5:

    mplement collaboration projects, such as joint research, internships, and faculty exchanges. Continuously evaluate the success of collaborations and seek feedback from industry partners. Expand the number of MoUs and partnerships with multinational corporations.


    By adhering to this strategic plan over the next five years, Sumathi Reddy Instituteof Technology for Women aims to transform itself into a premier institution with autonomous status, outstanding placement records, cutting-edge research contributions, and collaborative partnerships with multinational companies. Through careful planning, dedicated effort, and a commitment to excellence, the college will position itself as a leader in women engineering education and research on both national and international fronts.

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