B. Tech in Computer Science with specialization in Data Science (DS) is a new, exponentially growing field which consists of a set of tools and techniques used to extract useful information from data. The programme encompasses data Science as an interdisciplinary, problem-solving oriented subject that learns to apply scientific techniques to practical problems. The course curriculum involves a blend of data inference, algorithm development, and technology to analytically solve complex problems. The programme imparts a confluence of skills in three major areas of mathematical expertise, technology hacking skills and business strategy and acumen. The core of this programme is the ultimate use of enormous data in creative ways to generate business value. Hidden insights are brought to the fore to enable companies to make smarter business decisions. Data Science programme orients on practical classes and self-study during the preparation of datasets and programming of data analysis tasks.


The vision is to greatly expand the capacity to implement data science research, industry collaborations, educational programming, and the availability of cutting-edge computational tools.


To empower the students with the required skills to solve the complex technological problems of modern society and also provide them with a framework for promoting collaborative and multidisciplinary activities.

To facilitate the highest quality data science education, research and industrial collaboration.

Program & its Features

Program & its Features

Gives you the knowledge and skills of both the data sciences and computer related technological aspects

Experiential learning in data science workflow applications through a combination of tools, technologies, and best practices.

A platform to use high end tools and provide solutions for the data that can be adopted across all verticals.

Constructive learning through involvement in funding projects and improving employability skills

Strategic partnerships with academia and industry experts.

This course opens you to a wider range of lucrative job opportunities.


The objective of this course is to impart necessary knowledge of the mathematical foundations needed for data science and develop programming skills required to build data science applications.

The skills focused on in this program will help prepare you for the role of a Data Scientist.


Data Scientists

Data Visualizers

Business Analysts

Data Engineers

Business Intelligence Engineers

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Data and AI Consultant

Robotics Professional

Machine Learning Engineer/Architect

Data Ecologists

Data Science Consultant

Clinical and Pharmaceutical Analyst

Data Technologies Specialist

Machine Learning Engineer

Big Data & AI Architect / Scientist

Software Engineer

IoT Architect



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