Electronic Devices & Circuits Laboratories are primarily aimed to meet the requirements of laboratory work meant for the II-year students. The Laboratory has been established and well equipped with sufficient number of C.R. O’s, Function Generators, RPS, Bread boards, Digital and Analog Voltmeters & Ammeters etc. The laboratory consists of various Experimental kits.

This lab is meant for II B.Tech.of ECE to have exposure in Simulation. It has sufficient number of systems with networking to implement the basic concepts in the area of signal and systems using MATLAB version 9.5, R2018b software.

The Laboratory is well equipped with different Analog Modulation and Demodulation kits such as AM, FM, DSB-SC, SSB-SC,TDM and also digital communication kits such as ASK, FSK, PSK, QPSK, PCM, DM, ADM, DPCM etc.The above Experiments have been simulated using “MATLAB Version 9.5” The Lab is also equipped with Spectrum Analyzer, CROs and Function generators.

The Laboratory consists of universal experimental trainer kits on linear IC Applications. Apart from this, the lab has an IC tester, Bread Board trainer kits, 20MHz CRO's and Function Generators.

ECAD & VLSI lab is equipped with sufficient number of systems with UPS and networking. The lab has sufficient software such as Mentor Graphics and Xilinx. It also consists of Pattern generator, Xilinx CPLD and FPGA modules.

Microwave laboratory is quite well-equipped with sufficient microwave benches. This laboratory is well equipped with Reflex Klystron test benches, and Gunn Oscillator test benches. It also consists of VSWR meters, CROs. Microwave antennas like pyramidal horn and various microwave components are also available.

Microprocessor & Micro controller laboratory has sufficient trainer kits and software packages. This laboratory is meant for handling " Micro Processor" and "Micro Controllers" laboratory works of ECE and EEE departments. The laboratory has been established to satisfy the needs in the area of Microprocessors & Micro controllers focusing on embedded systems. The Lab has Keil & NASM software’s and has 8051 micro controller trainer kits, 8086 microprocessor trainer kits and micro controller development board sets. In addition to these a wide range of micro controllers and microprocessors are available for experiments and project work. In addition to these there are 10 networked computer systems with latest configuration.

Many of the algorithms and filter designing related to DSP are implemented in MATLAB software using TMS320C6713 DSP processor. All the Basic Equipment including CRO, Function generator, DSP kit TMS 320C6713, MAT Lab Software ,Computers, Signal Processing Tool Box, Communication Tool Box, Signal Processing Block Set, Communication Block Set, Image Processing Tool Box, Real Time Work Shop, Embedded Target for TIC 6000 DSP, Video and Image Processing Block Set, Simulink.

Digital IC Application experiments on this Combinational circuits such as adder, Subtractor, Multiplexer, comparators, Priority Encoders and Sequential circuits such as Pseudo sequence generator, Universal Shift Registers and Counters. The Laboratory consists experimental trainer kits to conduct the above experiments.