Departmental Activities

  Workshop conducted on Design Analysis and Algorithms dated 25/09/19 .

  Workshop conducted on Python dated 18/10/19.

  Workshop conducted on Ethical Hacking dated 16/03/19 - 17/03/2019.

  Seminar on Real time applications in JAVA dated 18/02/19.

  Workshop on cloud computing dated 30/08/18.

  Technical Seminar on Software engineering dated 04/10/18.

  Seminar on Real time applications C++ dated 31/09/17.

  Workshop on Data Recovery Process and QoS issues dated 16/02/18 .

  Seminar on Wireless Sensor Network dated 22/07/17.

  Technical Talk on Software Engineering dated 18/08/16 .

  Hands on Authentication applications dated 20/01/17.

  Workshop on Software Testing Methodology dated 30/03/17 .