The department of Humanities and Sciences in Sumathi Reddy Institute of Technology for Women is synthesized with dedicated team of faculty members. The aim of the department is to broadly educate aspiring women engineering students in core engineering branches by enlighting them in the basics of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & English which serves as a platform for the growth of students in their further study of Technical subjects. The strength of the department lies in the perfect synchronization of knowledge and skills. Extra care is taken to offer special classes during weekends. Every faculty member is provided access to the internet. This facility of sharing knowledge and information plays a significant role in upgrading and enriching research work. In our Department the ethos of science and technology prevails, as it is believed that Engineering and Science are, by their very nature, humanistic and socially derived enterprises.

Mathematics, the queen of sciences is the basis for all branches of Science, is indispensable for the engineering community. Any complex ideas can be logically expressed by equations and formulae. Students use mathematics to understand and solve engineering problems.

The study of Physics uncovers the mysteries of nature through the knowledge of properties of matter. Physics is crucial to the understanding of the world around us. It encompasses the study of the universe from the largest galaxies to the smallest subatomic particles. It is the base for many engineering courses. In the Physics laboratory adequate equipment and instruments are available for performing all types of experiments involving light and other forms of energy.

The study of Chemistry is crucial in all manufacturing processes where there is a transformation of one form of material into another, along with Environmental Chemistry and Engineering, to save the globe from pollutions. The Odor Von Karman remarked that a scientist is one who ‘seeks to understand what is’ and an engineer is one who ‘seeks to create what never was’. It has become obvious therefore, the seamless merger and integration of science and engineering will yield new inter disciplinary subjects.

In a world where effective English is the visa to success, the globalization of business has brought technical communication to the forefront of academics and industry. Success in this competitive world depends not only on acquiring knowledge but also on developing effective communication skills which is tailored to the specific needs of the future professionals English is the only language which can be communicated effectively around the globe.

Engineering Graphics subject is part of first year syllabus which is extremely important for all the branches. It is the heart of engineering stream. By learning Engineering Graphics students can visualize three dimensional parts easily.