Humanities and Sciences

The department of Humanities and Sciences in Sumathi Reddy Institute of Technology for Women is synthesized with dedicated team of faculty members. The aim of the department is to broadly educate aspiring women engineering students in core engineering branches by enlighting them in the basics of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry & English which serves as a platform for the growth of students in their further study of Technical subjects. The strength of the department lies in the perfect synchronization of knowledge and skills. Extra care is taken to offer special classes during weekends. Every faculty member is provided access to the internet. This facility of sharing knowledge and information plays a significant role in upgrading and enriching research work. In our Department the ethos of science and technology prevails, as it is believed that Engineering and Science are, by their very nature, humanistic and socially derived enterprises.


  • To establish a centre of excellence in basic sciences such as Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry that provide foundation for engineering studies and also in communication skills that helps students to express themselves effectively and to create proficient engineers who can be globally challenged.


  • To provide students with comprehensive knowledge of principles of engineering with a multi-disciplinary approach that is challenging.


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Ms. P. Vijaya Laxmi , M.A.M.Phil.

HOD & Assistant Professor

Warm Greetings! On behalf of Faculty and students of the Department of Humanities and Sciences

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